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Early production started in Abu Rabah gas field

Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources announced that Syrian Gas Company in coordination with the Syrian Oil Company has begun since 15/12/2008 test production of natural gas from the gas field Abu Rabah, which is considered one of the largest gas fields in Syria.



The sources said the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, in view of the increasing demand for natural gas to secure the needed power plants and a result of the delay in the implementation of a gas plant project south of the central region to implement the contractor with the Russian company Story Transgas the national staff in the Syrian Gas Company and in coordination with the Russian company, did the preparation of studies and implementation of some technical changes in the Abu Rabah gas station in order to produce limited quantities of natural gas and specifications are in the transfer of the national gas network and delivery to consumers, especially in stations and on the Deir Ali.
The company has begun an official Syrian gas pump quantities of natural gas to the national grid and the limits of 1.5 million m 3 gas / day in addition to the 1000 Mtkatvat barrels per day are transported by tanker trucks and delivered to the Syrian Company for oil transportation in the plant site and T4 The company is currently studying the possibility of increasing the production to 2 million m 3 / day in the light of access to the required specifications of the gas that can be transferred in the gas network.
The gas project south of the central region of the most important projects being implemented and is located in the province of Homs to the east of the Alfrqls and aims to link the gas fields of Abu Rabah bottle to flood the northern and gas processing plant and can design more than 7 million cubic meters of gas per day, from expected to be completed by the implementation of the project and placed in production during the year 2009.
It is worth mentioning that the Syrian Gas Company is currently implementing and overseeing a number of vital projects, which aim to exploit the gas resources discovered in Syria, in order to increase gas production for the domestic market and in parallel work on the expansion of infrastructure necessary for the delivery of gas to various consumers within Syria as well as the implementation of projects linked to the Syrian gas network with neighboring countries (Jordan – Lebanon – Iraq – Turkey) and the most important of these projects is that the Arab gas pipeline project, which was the completion of the implementation of the first part of it as part of Syrian territory and was placed in operation during the month of October , 2008, which stretches from the Jordanian border to the Syrian city of Homs, central Syria.
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