Chinese delegation of representatives of oil companies discussed with the Syrian Oil Ministry ways of cooperation and the Syrian Oil Marketing .. An official source: Indian companies did not stop its plans to buy crude oil Syrian

A delegation of representatives of several oil companies of China and Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, visited Syria recently to discuss the prospects for oil cooperation between China and Syria after a series of sanctions, the European and Western, which affected the Syrian oil sector, and a number of its companies and institutions, especially in the export of crude oil.



According to informed sources in the ministry that the delegation representing the Chinese oil companies had discussed with the Minister of Oil prospects of oil cooperation between the two countries, including the possibility of Syrian crude oil marketing.


The visit of Chinese delegation in light of economic cooperation continued between the Governments of the two countries in various economic fields, including the field of oil, after the European Union stressed its sanctions on the oil sector Syrian late last year and the beginning of the current, listed companies, government oversees oil trading and exploration projects in the framework of international efforts to punish Syria.

In the same context and in response to reports by various media recently about "Reuters" news to the effect that Indian oil companies suspended their plans to buy a Syrian crude oil for reasons of insurance, an official source at the Oil Ministry, the ministry has not received any official letters, both from the Indian government Indian oil companies or include news of the halt its plans to import crude oil Syrian, waving that there are several Indian companies considering oil imports from Syria.

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