Ministry of Economy licensed a Syrian company to export and import of petroleum products

Ministry of Economy and Commerce granted the final authorization for the establishment of a private Syrian company as the "central" services "oil" limited liability, petrol services center LLC, was approved by the Minister of Economy and Commerce Dr. Mohammed Nedal Ashaar in its resolution No. / 484 / of the Statute of the company .



the platform said the aim of the company to import and export of petroleum products of all kinds according to the laws and regulations in force at the Ministry of Oil, as well as import and export of clean energy and equipment, in addition to contracting with the public sector and private tenders and auctions, and all business permitted, except for housing construction, sale and trafficking.

The platform said as well that the company’s headquarters to be in the province of Damascus, and it may establish branches in all governorates of the country and abroad under the decision issued by the General Partner.

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has recently gave a similar license to the company "Treasures of oil" and purpose of the exploration and extraction, refining, trading and marketing and distribution of oil and natural gas and provide all the oil services and oil field development, gas and maintenance, and maintenance of equipment and access to privileges and participate in tenders and auctions and the representation of companies and agencies and trade of oil and gas and their products and all distribution business, marketing, land and sea transport, trade and manufacturing equipment and machinery of oil wells and natural gas, as well as owning and investing offshore platforms and land.

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