Russian regularly Solar to Syria

Traders and shipping sources said on Friday that Syria received a shipment of gas oil ( Solar) from Russia in a series of shipments. The sources mentioned that at least four carriers made regular trips to Syria from Russia via the Black Sea.


Two of the tankers flying the flag of Italy and their carrier R A G, which is supposed to be arrived at the Syrian port of Banias last Thursday.

Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said in the twenty-seventh of last month that his country sent at least two shipments of gas oil to Syria in the last few years, promising to send more supplies Caracas oil to the Syrian government as necessary.

Ramirez – who is at the same time head of the government’s national oil company – said The conflict in Syria and Western sanctions on Iran over Tehran’s nuclear program led to destabilize the world oil markets.

Swiss company
The source said that at least two vessels took up Venezuelan diesel to Syria chartered Swiss oil trading company E or T, the latter has refused to comment on the subject. 

oil distillation products as oil, gas and fuel for heating, as well as for the operation of heavy military vehicles.

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