Armed Terrorist Group Blow up Diesel Transfer Pipeline in Homs that Feeds Damascus Province

An armed terrorist group early Wednesday targeted with an explosive device a diesel pipeline in the area between Baba Amr and Sultanieh neighborhoods in the central province of Homs, causing an explosion and fire to erupt in the pipeline.


According to SANA reporter, the 12-inch diameter pipeline, which is affiliated to a fuel company and stretches between Homs Refinery and the oil tankers in Adra in Damascus Countryside, provides diesel to the province of Damascus and the southern region.

The pumping into the targeted pipeline was immediately halted after the explosion and the fire was extinguished so that for the authorities to start repairing works to resume pumping in the pipeline, the reported pointed out.

Armed terrorist groups have targeted oil and gas transfer pipelines with explosive devices several times, the last of which was the oil transfer pipeline in Baba Amr in Homs City on February 6th.

Other targets included the oil pipeline to the south of al-Quriyeh area in the northeastern province of Deir Ezzor, the diesel transfer pipeline stretching from Homs to Hama and Idleb between Mousa al-Holeh and Talas villages.

In the mid of December 2011, and at the beginning of January 2012, the armed terrorist groups targeted the gas pipeline coming from the Central Region near al-Rastan City and feeds al-Zara and al-Zaizoun electricity generation stations.

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