Allaw: establishments Operating in oil take its full rule and gas is available are shipping per day for each provincial

Eng Sufian Allaw Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said that all establishments operating in the oil do its part fully, especially in these circumstances experienced by Syria in terms of increased rates of production of the materials we need, mainly such as diesel and cooking gas and gasoline.


Allaw said  at a meeting held today at the building company Banias refinery to the concerned sector, production of oil and oil products that the refinery never stop production, explaining that the need for Syria daily diesel fuel more than 30 million liters are imported 16 million and the rest is produced locally, pointing to the existence of difficulties in the process of transport and distribution of material to the provinces because of armed terrorist groups that attacked the railway tanks and damage them.



The minister pointed to a project to increase storage capacity in reservoirs gas Banias, which is one of important projects to secure a sufficient stock of material gas domestic savings senior economist of the receiving vessels of large tonnage, adding that the project was carried out by a company of Dalian China at a cost of 18 million euros to increase the number of reservoirs to become energy storage material 14 thousand tons.

Alao confirmed that the material gas is available and shipping on a daily basis for all the provinces, either by tankers or trains, indicating that the gas cylinder sold to citizens at a lower price than the cost of difficulties with transportation, manufacturing and replacement.

The minister stressed the importance of conducting a study with a mechanism of tankers carrying petroleum products white Banias to different areas and find a well thought out plans for its work and ensure their protection, each according to its destination asking concerned luring offers as soon as the maximum for the pipeline project to transport gas from the plant thermal Banias to the refinery to convert the combustion in the refinery of fuel oil to natural gas, thus putting an end to the pollution.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Minister made an inspection tour on the gas project and the mouth of the Syrian Company for Oil Transport workers and listened to the mechanism of action and how to unload cargo ship gas and diesel in the mouth.



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