Oil expert: Boycotting Iran’s oil is impossible in short term

The West’s threats of a boycott are a propaganda campaign, because 50 oil refineries around the world depends on Iran’s oil, Iranian oil expert Mansour Moazzemi said, Mehr news agency reported.



Iran has always sold its crude oil directly to refineries that are calibrated to process that specific grade of oil, a professor at the Petroleum University of Technology Mansour Moazami said. Any change in the oil supply to refineries will affect the quality of petroleum products they produce.

Necessary technical changes in refinery can be made in the long term in order to process a different kind of oil, but it will require time and money.

The European Union’s (EU) proposal to boycott Iran’s oil has a six-month framework for contracts between European oil companies and Iran to end. The proposal, which must be approved by EU members, will prohibit buying Iran’s oil since July.

Meanwhile, the United States is pressuring on Iran’s big oil customers like Japan, China, South Korea and India to reduce their oil purchases.

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