Allaw:Syrian Economy Hit by US-EU Sanctions and Terrorists Attacks

Syria’s loss because of the unjustified sanctions imposed on Syrian Oil sector since the beginning of last September amounted to about 2 billion US dollar, Engineer Sufian Allaw, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources declared.




The USA and EU imposed unjustified and illegal embargo on Syrian Oil export inflicting huge damage upon the Syrian People.

In a press conference yesterday, Minister Allaw added that the armed terrorist groups also targeted crude oil and gas pipelines, which in turn. Increased the amount of damage to more than 2 billion SYP.

”21 workers were martyred, 24 others injured by the armed terrorist groups which stole 43 cars and inflicted damage on 42 cars used by the Ministry,” said Minister Allaw, not mention the material damage to Oil and Gas constructions, buildings and infrastructures.

In Geneva yesterday, Minister of Health, Dr. Wael al-Halaqi, declared that the armed terrorist groups’ attacks caused the martyrdom of 12 Medical staff including doctors, nurses, injury for 25 staff members, and inflicted damage on 12 hospitals, 43 health centers, and 76 ambulances.

Earlier Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis stated that the direct material damage inflicted by armed terrorists upon Electricity Grids and Networks amounted to about SYP 713 million whereas the value of indirect economic damage which hit the national economy reached around SYP 23 billion.

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