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Al-Kawkab Company gave successful method of treatment of environmental oil pollution of the soil during 1st Conference of Environmental Sciences

Syrian-Chinese al-Kawkab Company presented successful oil treatment method for environmental oil pollution of the soil in its affiliated field of Kubaiba during the days of the 1st Environmental Sciences conference organized by the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in cooperation with the academic research of national and relevant components of the environment in the Rida Said Hall for Conferences at the University of Damascus.



Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah, chairman of the company said in his lecture that the contamination of soil with crude oil is one of the most important environmental problems encountered in the fields of oil, especially when this ancient pollution and oil pollution, refuse containers, which cause high levels of Asphalt and paraffin..

problem He noted that the company faced serious environmental since its inception was the presence of heavy oil rigid contaminate soil field and spread over the entire yard field amounting to 209 kilometers square and due to periods of time old, pointing out that that problem was solved through the local efforts, without the expertise of outside the company to conduct field trials was the fact were to expect as a result a simple and economic method led to the elimination of most contaminated sites.

Abdullah reviewed stages of the treatment method, which was the pull of oil in the oil halls and benefit from it by emptying the production facilities, marketing and selling it with the oil product and then scrape the soil remaining saturated with oil and transfer to a clean place will then be published soil on an area of suitable thickness of 10 to 20 cm then add the urea her by 50 kg per 1000 square meters in order to stimulate the bacteria naturally present in the soil so that active and start eating the oil is then tilling the soil, which is published once every two weeks and are taken soil samples and analyzed laboratory and then held control of the content of the soil from the hydrocarbon and in the case the ratio was less than 2500 ppm soil is clean and in the event rate was higher until the treatment is to continue to reach the required percentage.


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