Fuel for Cyriauz: green diesel tanker from Venezuela to Syria every month

Work is already underway on the restoration of oil derivatives, and store of remains insurance reserve in the light of the growing demand for fuel oil and other derivatives”





Confirmed the Syrian Company for storage and distribution of petroleum products (fuels) that the tanker from Venezuela equipped with 240 thousand barrels of fuel oil in the green en route to Syria, as part of an agreement signed between the two countries for the supply of oil tanker on a monthly basis.

Said assistant general manager (fuel) to Nazim Khdache Cyriauz “It has been agreed with Venezuela to supply carrier green diesel in varying amounts on a monthly basis in the event of the first tanker arrived to Syria without any problems.”

And Syria is experiencing a recent high consumption of diesel fuel because of the sanctions taken by the United States and the European Union the right of the oil sector, the Syrian and consumption rise dramatically after the government cut the price per liter diesel to 15 Syrian pounds, which led to an increase in the consumption of this article, as well as smuggling.

He Khdache that “are currently working on restoration store of remains of oil derivatives and insurance reserve in the light of the growing demand for fuel oil and other derivatives, in parallel with our efforts to ensure the needs of citizens,” pointing to “difficulties in securing the diesel fuel,” and expressing at the same time expressed hope that “no we get to the stage of acute crisis. “

Although the government to increase allocations for gas stations to a great extent over the same period last year, but the crisis still exist. And Khdache that “a group of companies did not implement economic sanctions because the sanctions did not affect the import accurate, and talks with several parties are under way in order to secure alternative markets for oil Syrian, note that the economic sanctions imposed recently affected the importers abroad rather than an importer Syrian. “

And about the difficulty of importing oil derivatives, Khdache said that “the sanctions, which affected the banking sector is the biggest obstacle in the face of import of oil derivatives, where the local banks facing difficulty in dealing with foreign banks and insurance funds for import operations.”

And the imposition of the European Union and the United States of America, recently, a package of sanctions on Syria, which included a ban on the import of oil derivatives from Syria and prohibit any future investment in this sector, as well as sanctions against the institution of the oil.

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sufian Alao said late last December that Syria cut its oil output by about 30 to 35% until the resumption of oil exports, pointing out that the production currently stands at about 260 thousand barrels.

The European market before the imposition of sanctions, the main partner of the Foundation Syrian oil, accounting for imports of the Union 3.1 billion euros last year, according to European sources, and imported Europe 95% of Syria’s oil in 2010 were distributed to Germany 32% Italy 31% France 11%, Netherlands 9% .

According to statistics of the Ministry of Oil that the production of Syrian oil fell from 600 thousand barrels per day in 1996 to 400 thousand in 2006 and 387 thousand now, as was the official reports predicted the depletion of Syrian oil in 2025 before returning to official reports again to underestimate these expectations.

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