Syrian Gas Company implemented plans to address Crude gas by 110%

5251324 cubic meter of gas have been treated compared to the amount of raw planned 4688575 thousand cubic meter of gas processing plants in Syria by the implementation of 112%, including the amount of 4592261 cubic meter of gas compared to the amount of raw planned 4147898cubic meter in the Syrian factor gas company by the implementation of 110%.



The total production of Syrian clean gas 4891423 cubic meter beside 4494672 cubic meter and by the implementation of 108%, as production 223044.7 tons of domestic gas-for 181776.6 tons by the implementation of 122.7%, in addition to 3299020.8 barrels of condensate return for a planned amount of 2557118 $ per barrel and the implementation of 129% .

As for the sulfur had been produced 11,116 tons against 10,807 tons the amount planned by the implementation of 102.8%.

The reasons for high rates of implementation of products to provide additional quantities of gas raw product and raise investment factor for invasive plants and laboratories operation loads higher than 100%, in addition to overseeing the continued operation and maintenance of quality, which led to an underestimation of emergency stops and shorten the number of days of routine maintenance facilities To the minimum.

Total investment expenditure during the three quarters of 2008 amount of $ 8103.130 million for. 7139.250 million compared to. O planned by the implementation of 114% of expenditure included the replacement and renovation projects and investment projects rich gas in addition to investment projects as a gas pipeline Homs – Banias line of the Arab gas and gas plant south of the region Central and gas plant north of the central region.

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