Syria produces about 100 million barrels of oil in nine months at a rate of 380 thousand barrels per day

Syria Production of oil during the first nine months of this year reached / 103981413 / barrels including / 47710395 / barrels of light oil and 56271018 / barrels of heavy oil.


Syrian Oil Company produced / 53685880 / barrels by 100% of implementation and the quantity produced included heavy and light oil produced in the operating companies / 47502321 / barrels oil-for / 42191171 / barrels by the implementation of planned and an amount of 143 percent and 237 percent of the value and because of rise in world oil prices on the planned price.

The company posted its Syrian oil export by / 104 / percent of the amount of heavy oil have been exported / 3710640 / ton beside / 3584165 / ton by the implementation of planned and / 230 / percent of the value of light oil has been exported / 1766550 / ton beside / 1392467 / Tons planned by the implementation of 127 percent and 272 percent the amount of value because of the rise in the ratio of implementation to high world prices for the scheme.

The investment expenditure for the Syrian Oil Company / 5541913 / SP. during the nine months compared / 6412500 / SP. per implementation / 86 / percent for the period and / 55 / percent of the entire spending plan included the replacement and renovation projects and projects of direct exploration projects by oil wealth and investment Oil resources and buildings housing employees and the central administration buildings and new projects of the establishment of joint companies for oil services in addition to the gas project north and south of the central region.
Syria Oil

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