Oil Ministry raise the price of fuel and reduce the prices of mineral oils

Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, decided to reduce the prices of 15 kinds of mineral oils by 15% due to lower demand as a result of stagnation in the sale of material . Ministry also decided to raise the prices of fuel at the beginning of this month, from 6 thousand SP. to nine thousand SP. per ton.


Sources at Ministry of Oil said that this decision came after the private sector now consumes a large proportion of the fuel, pointing out that the new rate applies to public and private sectors.

The increased consumption of Syrian fuel industry after the government’s decision to raise the price of diesel to 25 Syrian pounds a liter, which prompted the manufacturers to use cheaper fuel, but the negative environmental impacts resulting from the combustion of the biggest impacts resulting from the combustion of diesel fuel.



At the level of diesel consumption rates have started rising gradually and the amount of consumption during the month of November last 780 million liters less than a month of November of 2007 by 20% and ministry sources confirmed that consumption of diesel during the past month was the highest since the lifting of the price of diesel on 1 / 5 / 2008, but remains a significant low rates last year, the ministry expects the low proportion of consumption in 2008 compared to the year 2007 by 14% and note that it was up to the date of 1/12/2008 ratio of 12% which is equivalent to about one million tons.



As for the percentage of gasoline consumption in 2008 increased by 3% in 2007 despite the increase in the number of cars in Syria largely explained by the observers and analysts decline in the proportion of the increase to higher prices for gasoline and new traffic law restricting the movement of a deterrent penalties, this was The amount of consumption during the past 11 to 165 million liters.



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