An external training course for a number of employees from GPC and SPC in Sinochem CO. In China ended

In the framework of implementation of external training program for the long term by the General Petroleum Corporation ,ten persons (4 geophysicists of GPC and 5 geophysicists and engineers stockpile of Syrian Petroleum Company) ended their training in the company Sinochem (partner, shareholder of the company Gulfsands) in China for 100 days as of 21 / 8 / 2011 until 30/11/2011



The training focused on the following topics: geophysical measurements – seismic interpretation – Specification inventory – and programs: OFM-ECLIPS-PETREL, as well as field visits to oil fields.

The team will provide a presentation on their projects using the programs above the spectrum in the presence of specialists from the GPCand SPC.

to date, about 46 engineers and geologist from GPC and SPC to pursue technical courses where it was sending four trainees to Russia for a month with a grant from a company Tat Neft Russian training on production technology of oil and geology of oil has also been sending 10 trainees to Egypt for two months with a grant from a company IPR of U.S. Training interpretations Alsaesmah and programs Petrel and drilling operations in addition to sending 10 trainees others to China for 100 days a grant from the Corporation CNPC of China for training on increasing the yield of oil and 10 trainees to China for 100 days with a grant from a company Sinochem of China Training on the interpretations and Seismic inventory and software Petrel and Eclipse to be dispatched 12 trainees to China, also for 100 days by a grant from the Chinese company Sinopec to training on the operations of drilling and repairing wells.

It is said that all the expenses for training courses funded by foreign companies operating in Syria without the above-mentioned state of the institution to bear the financial costs resulting therefrom.

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