Armed terrorist group bombed pipeline to transport gas in Rastan near Homs.

an armed terrorist group on Monday evening Targeted the gas line passing through the city of Rastan and detonated it by an improvised explosive device led to an explosion and fire in the line point of detonation.



Official source in the oil ministry, told SANA that the gas line was targeted by armed terrorist group coming from the field toward the old power station Mharda and belongs to the AFPC, by a diameter of 18 inches.

The source confirmed the absence of human infections and that it was halting the flow of gas in the line and stopped immediately after a fire and took all necessary measures to repair the line and return to work.

The armed terrorist group targeted in the eighth of the current month line transport crude oil for GPC in Assultanya north-west of Homs Refinery has led to a fire in a part of this line at the point of it off.

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