Allaw : local talents resume work of European companies, which suspended operations in Syria

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sufian Allaw said Thursday that the European companies, which suspended their work in Syria are "free at their disposal," adding that "local talents" are able to continue work, revealing at the same time for new contracts in oil area..



(UPI) U.S. news agency quoted Allaw as saying to local media, that "The EU decision to suspend work in Syrian oil sector include some companies who are free to act," noting that "the work continues through the national cadres that are as efficient and effective as their foreign counterparts , and are able to carry out all required tasks. "

Allaw Revealed that "new companies can operate in the field of oil and new contracts, and many contracting announcements," explaining that "the value of the energy bill in Syria amount to $ 17 billion annually, and the oil ministry contributes about 80% of this bill.."

The European Union imposed a series of sanctions on Syria because current situation, which included Syrian oil industry, and was most recently imposed sanctions on the General Petroleum Corporation and two companies in the oil sector. Shell) the company for Energy, based in the Netherlands, to stop its activities in Syria to implement A new round of sanctions, and then the French "Total" Declaration stop its activities in compliance with the sanctions.

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