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2.5billion dollars the cost of projects to extract and produce of gas in Homs

Eng. Sufian Allao Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources was briefed during a tour in the province of Homs on the realities of working in a gas plant Jahar in Palmyra and other in south of the Central region and Ibla Laboratory in Alfrqls region and the latest stages in this project.



Allao hold two meetings in Jahar laboratory which is excuted by Hayan corporation and Ibla laboratory by Corporation’s Petro Canada indicating that the cost of these three projects in addition to the gas project north central region in the province of Deir Al-Zouwill reach to 5 .2 billion dollars.

Allao said that the gas plant south of the Central Russian Transvaal Corporation will link gas fields in Abu Rabah and northern and peaks of Alfaid to be completed and placed in production during the second half of next year with the possibility of expansion to link the gas fields with a future with a maximum possible design daily plant 5 .7 million cubic meters of clean gas and 60 tons of cooking gas.

Ibla gas plant as well as aims to invest gas from Al-Shaer ana Al-Sharefah fields east of the Alfrqls 5 .2 million cubic meters per day of clean gas, 85 tons of cooking gas and 2000 barrels of condensate is scheduled to be in service in 2010 will be invested in partnership with Petro-Canada Currently existing global implementation.

The Plant Project Jahar can invested the Al-muher , juhar and Gazaal near Palmyra with a possible design 4 million cubic meters of clean gas, 180 tons of cooking gas and 5 thousand barrels of condensate, will be invested after being placed in service in 2011 in partnership with Blanc denied Croatian company.

Yoon Ferrer, general manager of Petro-Canada Canadian World said to SANA that the company would teach English for ten Syrian engineers and then dispatched them to western Canada to follow up on manufacturing science oil and gas for a period of nine months and re-employment supervisors in the joint Syrian Canadian company to be established after the completion of the project in addition to Increased reliance on the Syrian qualified technical personnel.

He added that the company is billion dollars invested in projects and the Syrian seeking to expand its work, especially as they received cooperation from the Government and people in their areas of operation that was expanded to include gas fields north of Deir Al- Zour.

Dr. Ali Abbas, director general of the Syrian Gas Company participated the tours and a number of corporate managers.
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