Syria’s Production of Crude Oil Exceeds 100 Million Barrels per 9 Months

Syria’s production of crude oil, light and heavy, for the first nine months of the year 2011 reached 103.219 million barrels, with 378.000 bpd.



The General Establishment of Petroleum said that the Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC) and Gas Company, have produced 53% of the total aforementioned amount with 54.333 million barrels.

Banias and Homs refineries received 66.432 million barrels, the amount of the exported oil was 35.406 million barrels. The overall amount of oil refined in the two refineries was 65.730 million barrels with 64% of the total produced amount.

In the same period, Syria produced about 8.301 billion cubic meters of gas, with a daily production rate of 30.41 million cubic meters, gas plants produced 5.915 billion cubic meters of clean gas and 209 million cubic meters were imported in the same period.

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