60 thousand of them in Damascus and its countryside .. domestic gas mobilize units to work 24hpd and produces more than 245 cylinders per day

Total of gas produced per unit mobilize gas in the provinces of Damascus and its countryside to the maximum capacity as the number of cylinders produced per day in the unit 60 thousand ones , to meet the growing demand for this material.




Eng. Sufian Allaw , Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said during his day on the Management Centre and Gas Operations mobilize unit in Damascus and its countryside that The units gas in Syria is working at maximum capacity and produces daily more than 245 thousand gas cylinders to meet the need, but the shortage that occurred in these two provinces was the result of lack of supply of gas transported by train to Damascus, and tanks, because the train stopped two weeks ago on the transfer of gas as a result of terrorist acts carried out by armed groups in the province of Homs.


The minister pointed out that the train resumed the transfer of liquid gas to Damascus since yesterday it transferred 550 tons of gas to unit packaging with complete rest for a total daily to nearly 700 tons is enough need for the provinces of Damascus and its countryside and Qenitra, indicating that the ministry has contracted urgently with the 35 tankers to transport gas and supplying and packing units additional quantities.

oil minister, was to instruct the mobilize units to operate 24hpd non-stop in addition to increasing the allocation, distribution centers in Damascus and the 8 points to 2000 per day per cylinder center to the allocations authorized distributors deployed in all areas of Damascus and its countryside.

And about the availability of empty Cylinders Allaw confirmed that the ministry will provide the distribution centers by additional quantities to be sold to citizens was worth the formal price at 1900 SP. And were contracted to buy a million damaged valve in addition to new cylinders from Defense Plants Foundation and increase the capacity of maintenance to provide the largest possible number of empty cylinders to meet the needs of citizens.


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