Israeli infiltrating Batteries were seized afpc field

In one of al-Furat petroleum company fields in Deir Al-Zour petite-sized batteries were discovered on remote control devices inside the main water injection pump in the field and sealed with (Made in Israel).



The function of these batteries is keeping control of the operating system on the pump during power outages, and the source of these batteries American company (Fix poro ).


In order to be attentive and vigilant to such matters, Minister of Economy and Trade Dr. Amer Hosni Lutfi circulated to several ministries, requesting checks in the contracts are signed, as well as to the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce to inform the circular chambers of commerce to take the necessary action, and to the Directorate of Foreign Trade The Ministry of Science to inform and follow-up, the domestic trade directorates in various governorates, the minister charged by tightening supply on the domestic markets to find the source of imported materials offered for sale.


The Minister of Economy and Trade as well as asked , the General Administration of Customs, to tighten customs controls on imported materials, and examine the accuracy of the information code to find the source, and the country of manufacture, for the safety of these materials.



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