Ministry of Oil: measures to facilitate the distribution of fuel oil to the citizens in accordance with official pricing

The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources took a number of measures to facilitate the distribution of diesel fuel to the citizens according to the official pricing as soon as possible.



Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said during a meeting with the managers of Syrian Company for distribution of petroleum products (Mahroukat) in the southern region today, that such actions will be through increased reliance on cars direct distribution in Damascus and its countryside and to review the amounts allocated to the gas stations that do not role in the distribution of diesel fuel as the best and add the quantities that are reduced from these stations to the amounts allocated to the direct distribution as well as coordination with the governors to form committees and village councils commissioning party and teams to help out the distribution.

oil minister called on all stakeholders, especially regulators to do their part in the supervision and follow-up and organization of minutes taken against violators who tempted to exploit the needs of citizens of diesel fuel, pointing out that the article is available in stores fuel, and will be delivered to the citizens most convenient ways.

He asked branches of fuel increasing the amounts allocated to the direct distribution and maximum utilization of the capacities of tanks allocated to it in the provinces of Damascus and its countryside.

For his part, director of Mahroukat in Damascus Ali Ghanem said that the Damascus branch distributed directly during the last month, about 8 million liters of diesel, with 34 car working around the clock, pointing out that the branch carried out 29 thousand request of the citizens since the beginning of last month, and until mid-month rate about 600 applications a day.

In his turn, Mansour Taha, director of Mahroukat in Damascus pointed that the allocations to maintain the diesel fuel in November of 111 million liters, up more than 17 percent from the provisions of last November were distributed to 50 million liters of which until the fifteenth of this month as the work of the section in full capacity even during the holiday of Eid al-Adha, pointing out that the Damascus branch distributing material through the 200 cars were contracted with each with a capacity of about 6000 liters and is working to meet the demands of citizens registered in the foot of the fuel station.

the availability of gas domestic, Mahroukat managers emphasized that the centers of production and distribution of gas working at full capacity to meet the high demand for this material to coincide with the onset of winter and the increased need for gas for heating purposes.


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