Allao checking a number of oil installations in Homs and confirms that oil derivatives are available during the upcoming winter

Eng.Sufian Allao Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources checked today during a tour to a number of companies and oil installations Homs the work of new projects and progress of work in projects that would achieve the efficiency of oil derivatives to citizens and productive companies in various Syrian governorates.


He checked during his tour the workshop of maintenance new butane gas cylinders branch of the Syrian Company for gas distribution in central region which is still in experimental stages and listened to a briefing on the work of the workshop in the cylinder to form after the initial and maintenance and the possibility of increasing its work through instructive workers of two shifts to double the current capacity of 1,200 cylinders per Day.

Oil minister assured the need to intensify production and expressed the willingness to provide as much as possible to increase the number of cylinders and used safely. Allao also inspected the establishment of energy storage of asphalt refinery west of Homs with total cost of 130 million Syrian pounds and had a look at divisions consisting of tanks and cement room heating capacity of 270 cubic meters and full heating system and pumps in addition to the asphalt a number of buildings to the line of pumping and loading platform.

Oil minister noted the efforts of the implementing agencies and called for the need to increase the volume contracted with it for accuracy in implementation and high-quality electrical installations in the project.
The minister briefed on the realities of the work of oil plant which produces several types of oil competitive in quality and price in addition to the plastic packages for the mobilize the limits of ten thousand a day packaging of various sizes and colors.

The Minister also visited the Institute of occupations for the preparation of oil specialists where Eng. Sam Khuri plant manager explained the preparation of students in the area of refining, storage and industrial power and precision and the possibility of expanding its activities in the training of technicians and engineers within the new section was included rehabilitation of the large modern classrooms.

Allao met in the branch of the fuel, including Noor Din Makhlouf, general manager of Homs refinery, and Eng. Abdullah Khattab general manager of fuel and Eng.Maarouf Alia Director General of Syrian Company for gas distribution and Eng.Tammam Sebaiy manager of homs fuel branch and a number of engineers and technicians have been through detailed report on the work of a branch company in terms of fuel in Homs receipt and distribution of petroleum products from refineries Homs and Banias and the volume of oil derivatives that have been received, distribution and storage capacity he assured that the situation regarding the availability of petroleum products during the upcoming winter season, especially diesel and gas materials and bottlenecks in the supply of the former will not Repeated after the arrival of some 200 thousand cylinders and the possible arrival of another 150 thousand drum contractor soon in addition to ongoing maintenance of the cylinders This means that the cylinder will be accessible to all soon.

He added that fuel is available and this reduces the demand for fuel oil and asphalt storage depots will be demand for this article at any time.

He asked the managers and technicians examine any potential problem before it occurs and to prepare for the demands of any oil, and the branch manager Bahmass fuel the attacks on oil pipelines in some locations where the minister said the conferees agreed to secure the custody of the lines extended in some low-lying areas.

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