Falling oil prices revive locally hearsay about prices reduction…. Universally : diesel 30 SP. benzene 29 SP. and Fuel 20 SP.

What worries the street these days is a question raised by news from neighboring countries which is “. Is there a reduction in the prices of diesel and gasoline after the significant decline in oil prices globally?


Indeed, the previous question turned into a long common broad government says the imminent reduction in prices of diesel and gasoline, and the differences in the transfer of common centered only on the timing of this decision, some say that the decision will be issued after days, others say the beginning of next year.

Before the Director General of fuel Abdullah Khattab denied that gossip , He stressd to Tishreen Newspaper that the average price of a ton of fuel oil imported during the month of October reached about 700$ in addition to the cost of 10% would average price of imported fuel oil to Syria or the 770$ average price liter of gas oil was imported during the October to 30.5 SP.

This means that the state continues to support diesel fuel about five Syrian pounds to free the exchange rate, and about 21 Syrian pounds to the price of subsidized families through distributed coupons, and about 23 Syrian pounds the old price established to bakeries.

Commenting on the rumors circulating about immediate reduction in prices of diesel Khattab said that the reduction can not be as long as that support is, and can be achieved only when the world price circulated in the local market, then that could lower prices of oil products with lower global oil price , stressing that incorrect rumor was reduced the company’s sales significantly during the week, which means that there is a bottleneck in distribution could happen at the start of torrential rain and cold waves, as a result of the desire of citizens regardless vouchers during the same time and without justification .

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As for gasoline, the fuel company information indicate that the average price of a liter of gasoline in October is less one or two SP than the price of diesel. Khattab said that the difference between the price currently applicable in the domestic market of 40 pounds and the world price Limits, which is 29 pounds and the possibility of reducing the rate of this material as long as the global price in Syria, saying that the benzene is not all citizens are not included in the cost of many sectors of the economy but is particularly including owning a car, if the market price is higher than the world price does not mean an inevitable reduction because the treatment of the subject is part of the cost of addressing the issue of energy carriers to take up a whole and not each material , knowing that gasoline sales compared with some light oil derivatives.

Important petroleum products in the domestic market is the fuel, with an average price of a ton of fuel around the world 20 thousand pounds in Syria is currently sold at about 6,500 Syrian pounds, starting from the beginning of next month, sold under the approval of the Prime Minister on a proposal by the Economic Commission for the 9000 SP , Meaning that the state continues to support tons of fuel per about 11 thousand SP, even after Syria also raise the price.


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