Allaw : Crude Oil Export to start soon to some friendly countries and Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran are the most lucky ones

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources said that the Government recently was able ,in spite all US and EU sanctions imposed on Syrian Oil sector, to meet needs and requirements of the country of oil derivatives by signing contracts with many companies from friendly countries.




Allaw said during the parliament session that the Ministry of Oil has created alternative markets and soon will begin work on export of crude oil and that the ministry is about to sign contracts for export to some friendly countries, where contracts are under consideration to Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, and this issue is being discussed with Russia, China and India, indicating that the ministry is still looking for other markets because during the last period Syria was depending on European markets, saying that the search for alternative markets needs time.


Allaw stressed that EU Oil Sanction was applied on Syria since the date of issuance in the second of last September, pointing out that the talks about the application will start with the middle of next November which is the date of the end of the last contracts signed with the European countries, is incorrect because the sanctions had been implemented since then, describing talk about implementing it in November is nonsense because contracts stopped before the issuance of the decision and sanctions, including purchase, transportation and cargo insurance and reinsurance as well.


He underlined that there is no shortage in the fuel, adding "this important material is available in the markets during the current winter, and there is no intention to increase the fuel price." Pointing out that the Ministry provide Fuel Stations since the beginning of the year to the end of last month with increase by 10% from the same period and with increase of 12% in last September from the distributed quantity in the same month in last year and by 15% up till now of the current month in compare with the same month of last year asking people not to buy excessive quantities and store it because it is available.


The Minister expected that Fuel consumption this year will be by 7.3 billion liter referring to intensive efforts to find a new mechanism for realizing justice in giving subsidies to those who deserve saying that the price difference with neighboring countries led to increased smuggling phenomenon and that the government is intensifying its efforts to combat and prevent this phenomenon.


The minister pointed to the new mechanism, which are traded in the provision of transport fuel through the smart card at a specified price, indicating that it will dispense vouchers diesel and gasoline for government cars early next year and replace the smart card shipped to the specified amount that the companies are currently working to modify pumps and installation of reader of these cards where there will be 120 stations equipped for this purpose are distributed in all major cities and will increase gradually until it covers all petrol stations in the country.


He pointed out that the ministry proceeded to the distribution of Green diesel for being a friend of the environment and quality of the best means of transportation in addition to its contribution in reducing the demand for diesel Red allocated for the purposes of heating, indicating the presence of 450 stations from the original 1200 station provided with this kind of fuel oil in all provinces.


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