Allaw: we have meet the country’s needs and requirements of petroleum products .. We are still in the process of looking for alternatives to European markets to export our oil

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sufian Allaw Said that the Syrian government was able recently to meet the needs and requirements of the country of oil derivatives by signing contracts with several interested companies in Iran, Russia, India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia.




The minister pointed that the Oil Ministry also remains in the phase of the search for other alternative markets pointing out that the recent European sanctions on the Syrian oil would not be a major obstacle, although we were not accustomed to it, «as it is during the last period was the dependence on European markets and the search for alternative markets need certain time, and now we can say that we find alternatives and the means and multiple mechanisms for export our crude oil to states and alternative markets ».

Allaw added that Syria has created alternative markets and soon will begin work in the export of crude oil to these markets, and said: «We are fine and we will continue our work without any troubles , we have overcome the issue and we will return to the pace of export well to new markets of friendly countries we and we will continue our work», revealing that contracts are being signed now in order to export crude oil to some friendly countries and companies.

the Minister said that the government took some actions at the domestic side like raising the refineries capacities to the maximum and shorten the required duration of time for the maintenance performance work efficiently.

In the same context, the oil minister said that the sanctions applied on Syria since the date of issuance in the second of last September, pointing out that the talks about the application will start with the middle of next November which is the date of the end of the last contracts signed with the European countries, is incorrect because the sanctions had been implemented since then, describing talk about implementing it in November is nonsense because contracts stopped before the issuance of the decision and sanctions, including purchase, transportation and cargo insurance and reinsurance as well.

The minister pointed out that even if there were signed contracts there was no signed transportation contracts, and even if there were contracts of carriage signed there was no insurance contracts signed those contracts, and therefore all shipments signed for the benefit of Europeans stopped before the European decision, and did not ship any thing to the ports or European companies and talk about November 15, 2011, inter void sentence even before the issuance of the decision.

In response to a question on the progress of the UAE company «Dana Gas» to compete for entry into the Syrian market Minister of Oil said that Syria welcomed that at all levels and trends for any company or entity is willing to work in the oil sector in Syria and will have all facilities.

The media sources said last week that the largest Arab company specializing in investment in gas «Dana Gas» compete with 7 companies to enter the Syrian market as part of its plans to enter new regional markets.

The chief executive of the company «Dana Gas» Ahmed Arbeed said in a press statement that the company continues its negotiations to enter the Syrian market, pointing out that Syria is one of the important countries for the company due to its geographical location

al-Watan Newspaper


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