Government estimated price of a barrel of oil at $ 75 in 2012 budget

Minister of Finance Dr. Mohammad Aljalilati during the parliament session, which was held recently said that the government adopted Approximate price for a barrel of light crude by / 75 / USD and heavy by / 65 / dollars in the general budget for 2012, pointing out that the rise in oil prices or decrease will be reflected on both sides of revenues and expenditures in the state budget.


It is worth mentioning that the price of a barrel of oil was estimated in the draft 2011 budget by U.S. $ 55 a barrel of light crude and $ 48 per barrel of heavy oil.

The oil revenues estimated, "revenue of oil companies," then at $ 189.408 billion Syrian pounds in the 2011 draft budget at a rate of 92.2% of the total revenue of self-local one.

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