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Syrian gas will sign an agreement with Russian Stroy Trans gas to extend gas pipeline from Aleppo to the Turkish border along the 62 km

Syrian gas company signed a contract with Russian gas Stroy Trans gas to extend gas pipelines in the key hand of Aleppo to the Syrian-Turkish border.



The Convention provides for the extension of gas pipeline along the 62 km, with wide 36 inches of Aleppo station to transport natural gas to /Kels / on the Turkish border within 18 months a total cost of about 52 million euros.

In a statement following the signing ceremony, Eng. Sufian Allao Minister oil said that Trans Gas company, specialized in Russian gas projects have been full completed “first phase” of Arab gas pipeline project in Syrian and Jordanian borders to Homs added that investment was the first part of Deir Ali in the province of Damascus countryside for several months and at the end of this month, the flow of gas to the plant Homs will start.

He added that the project which was agreed on today will enable the transfer of gas from Aleppo to the Syrian-Turkish border and can implement the transfer of gas through the Arab Gas Pipeline to Homs and Aleppo, Homs to cross the Syrian gas network and Aleppo to the Turkish border and to Europe from Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan and other And vice versa as needed or surplus.

The second project involved Russian company to implement the draft gas plant south of the central region, which was supposed to be completed last February, but technical difficulties and changes in the price and the value of the contract led to the delay was agreed to be completed in June 2009 after been revised schedules for its implementation stating that The project involves the operation of the station early Abu Rabah and utilization of gas before the end of this year.

He added that there gas processing plants to the north central region produced estimated 3 million cubic meters a day was initiated by the beginning of this year, hoping to finish before the end of 2009.

Oil minister said that these projects contribute to the provision of gas for domestic consumption and collect fees for gas passing through our pipelines in addition to the operation of skilled manpower and qualified and provide foreign exchange resulting from the import of petroleum products for homes, factories and cars will be replaced when burning gas and provide a clean environment free from pollution .

For his part, Vyacheslav Mahonin, general manager of Russian Stroy Trans- natural gas stressed on the importance of this Convention for the company, adding the development of relations between them and the Syrian Gas Company felt it opens a broad prospect after the company identified the nature of the ground and had a positive experience at the sites.

The agreement was signed by Syrian side Al-Abbas, Director General of the Syrian Gas Company and the Russian side Vyacheslav Mahonin general manager of the company said.

Trans Gas Company is building two gas refinery in Syria in addition to the processing of five gas fields to invest in the central region in addition to its implementation of the Arab gas pipeline project in the occupied Syrian ‪ 375 kilometers long to transfer gas from the Egyptian Arish through Jordan, Syria and Turkey To Europe



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