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Oil Minister saw on the ground reasons for delay in the completion gas plant south of the central region

Eng. Sufian Allao Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources was briefed the operation of the ways to accelerate the achievement gas plant in the southern central region located some 40 km south-east of Homs.



The oil minister heard from companies involved in executing the project, Russian Trans gas main contractor of the project and the Syrian Lead company and Al Owais company to explain the reasons for the delay in implementation and ways to overcome obstacles.

Allao At an expanded meeting in the laboratory assured that Syrian side is ready to all needs for implement particularly at the financial level in order to proceed.

The Vatheslav Mahonin general manager of the to the Russian contracted company said that search is underway for the purchase of spare supply and installation required for installation immediately in the lab of its engineering students prepare a work program and quick search equipment required for the completion of the project.

Ali Abbas, Director General of the Syrian Gas Company of actors called to meet the deadlines for completion by the agreed specifications.

/ Nizar Assaad / director of Lead company committed to the Syrian part of the Russian side called to work to meet the deadlines for the supply of equipment for the reflection of the company and a speedy completion.



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