EU bans Syrian oil

The European Union agreed to impose sanctions on Syrian oil exports on Friday, escalating pressure on President Bashar al-Assad as protesters across Syria vowed to choose “death rather than humiliation.”

“The sanctions have been agreed,” an official said in the Polish resort of Sopot where EU foreign ministers were meeting, adding they had also added four people and three entities to the EU sanctions list against Syria.

The director of General Petroleum Corporation Ali Abbas said that the confidence in the oil projects have not adversely affected and our investments are safe , our production is continuous, stable, and our relations with foreign companies are good, indicating that the the Coming European sanctions on the energy sector will lead to halt the shipment or delivery of oil products from the Syrian ports, and European oil companies will not leave projects inside the country.

Abbas added that “There is no company stopped production work or drilling or exploration by after the U.S. sanctions.”

This came after “Haarsk” Danish company announced ” on Saturday, cancellation of agreement for the shipment of “naphtha”, a derivative of oil, from the Banias refinery, due to the recent U.S. sanctions.

The United States imposed sanctions this month on the Syrian government, including, banning the import of petroleum products originating from Syria.

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