Ministry of Oil announces new gas discovery Qarah produces about 400 thousand cubic meters per day

Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources Announced today that the Syrian Petroleum Company has made a new discovery of gas in the area of Qarah where the tests results of Qarah Well / 1 /, which is located west of Qarah up to / 6 / km has been drilled to a depth / 3113 / meters showed that the well achieve productivity estimates B / 400 / thousand cubic meters gas in addition to / 560 / bbl condensate per day


Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources said in a statement to SANA, the area of installation-bearing gas is estimated at / 25 / square kilometers and is located structure in the al-Dao basin in the central region where the discovery of many of the structures most important Abu Rabah, and northern of al-Faid and Qumqum , which put production in / 2009 / under the name of the South-Central region, and estimated recoverable reserves of production in this structure / 47 / billion cubic meters of ga

in addition to / 21 / million barrels of condensate.

Allaw added that had been discovered a number of compositions in this new basin which are ( Sadad, al-Braige, Deir Attia , Freqles and Qarah ) with an estimated recoverable reserves of production in these structures, by / 24 / billion cubic meters .in addition to / 22 / million barrels of condensate also located in this basin is Rashifah installation that follows the company for installation of Ebla and Chahar, which follows the Hayan Petroleum Company.

oil minister said the new findings open a wide scope for further discoveries in al-Qalamoun , pointing out that SPC will follow up drilling in these areas in addition to conducting surveys of the quality of additional areas extending between the monastery gift and to the south of the town of chestnut during the next year to increase the reserve, geological viable for production.

Oil Ministry was opened earlier this month investment project gas field with respect to / 60 / km southeast of the city of Homs, which produces about one million cubic meters per day from wells with respect to 1 and the process of 3 and contains commercial quantities of natural gas estimated at about / 12 / billion cubic meters of reserve certain viable for production.

It also noted that Syria is produced from free gas, and utilities during the first half of this year’s 483.5 billion cubic meters daily average of 29.3 million cubic meters, an increase of 009.3 million cubic meters per day production of the first half of 2010.

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