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The role of oil in the new economic order

The global financial crisis is the second in five years, a historic turning point, however. It is not only the most serious many of the 2008 crisis resulting from the problem of housing loans in the United States, but carries with a lot of the negative effects on the world economy, in particular, the failure of the political system in both the United States and Europe to find practical solutions and the challenges facing the financial systems.



 and thus avoid the economies of these countries, but the world, a financial crisis, the problem is much larger than the capacity of the European Central Bank to deal with Sovereign debt of some member states, the Republican and Democratic leaders of the two parties in the United States an appropriate solution to deal with Sovereign debt ceiling of America, especially with bullying “Tea Party” to dominate the Republican Party in the Congress ideology and the opposition to any increase in the influence of the federal government.


The problem is bigger than that, is the emergence of countries (developing countries) with significant economic power it can compete with the Western countries. The problem also lies in the extent of the peoples of the Western countries to continue spending on high standard of living and costly in light of the competition faced by less expensive, and thus the possibility of continuing the “Bretton Woods”, which was set up after the second world war.



It will continue this global economic system without major changes? There are serious doubts, as should the economic system to continue in its performance to take into account the new on the international scene and succeed in avoiding crises.


It depends on the historic developments and political future, including competition between states or conflict with each other.


From this point of view, it will continue the oil countries, focused on the export of hydrocarbons money, or will start to play a bigger role on the level of the world economic system? There are questions raised in this area, including for example, can the oil countries to find an advanced position in the new world economic order, where change the balance of power between the industrialized Western states and emerging States (China, India, South Korea and Brazil).


Can to create for itself, economically and politically in the balance of power, the new without large-scale internal changes, especially in the diversification of economic resources, and the education of young people through the creation of productive employment them with adequate, as well as through the civil society more dynamic and freedom, and to seize this opportunity to build new communities where a culture of all citizens without discrimination, including social and religious and sectarian citizen, we will remain the prisoners Accumulated and Destructive of our societies?” That the role that states that oil  in the new system will not only stems from its oil or oil proceeds.


 Without fundamental changes in the fields of politics, economy and social relations, will these countries living on depletable wealth plays a complementary role to others based on creativity of other states. Oil countries have benefited from oil jump in the early 1970s, but can move to a higher stage in the future? There are two states could oil in to change the weight of economic role and its importance in the world.


First: through rational internal policy, in particular in the liberation of the people from the heavy historical burden, and hence in the opening the door just to compete with the other peoples. We recall here that we have been able, despite all the problems, the establishment of oil and petrochemical industry, competition. Gradually it is possible the establishment of other related industries to compete globally. Another area is to expand the role of oil in the world. It can achieve this by exploiting the obtaining waivers over the past fifty years, the active role of the “OPEC”, a greater role on the economic level, the world is more than just focus on oil production policies.


This is not the new of such organizations, the International Energy Agency has developed from the womb of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


But to continue the approach we are now doomed to failure, because he cannot competition oil out of the box.


Of course, is the question to know indicators the changes taking place internationally, which will change the global economic system, especially with the economic power of the United States, and the dollar in the financial markets, the globalization of the world economy means first of all anything, competition among industrialized countries, that is, the production of the same quality and less, and to the world. No need to mention the figures here.


As the consumer can in various parts of the world to recognize the result through تسوقه on a daily basis.  Chinese goods dominated the market, produces Chinese companies or international (investing in China to take advantage of the huge market in addition to export to take advantage of cheaper labour relatively).


That the industries to China and other emerging economies means that western countries are focusing on more and more services and, in particular, the banking and financial sector, which grew from without strict monitoring. These banks were granted millions of dollars a year for its staff, even in case of loss, as well as speculation evacuated market the supply and demand of hard currencies and basic commodities, the damage to the global economy.


That the change in the developing countries is not without obstacles. Therefore, the ability of these states to assume the status of an important new world economic balance will not come easily, but the internal and external obstacles (for example, there are, the problems of abject poverty, rural-to-urban, political systems in the developing countries in light of the economic and social burden), there are also military conflicts, and they are many, the most important of which is the conflict between North and South Korea and the two countries and their neighbours, not to mention the others may have to impose the state to the other, post-conflict economic, which started out already

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