The new price for the fuel starting from 15th of next September 15 and the support is 55 billion pounds in 7 months

the new price for the fuel material starts from the 15th of next September at a price of 13 thousand Syrian pounds per ton, rather than 8500 per ton, based on the approval of the Prime Minister on a memorandum of the Commission.



Eng. Abdullah Khattab General Manager of Mahroukat Company said in a statement that the amount of consumption of fuel during the seven months amounted to 2.939 million tons, including 2.163 million tons of power plants and the amount of 774 thousand tons of the industrial sector and public sectors, distributed 350 thousand tons for the private sector and 324 thousand tons for the public sector industrial .



the average price of fuel at Mahroukat , and the proportion of local and imported Khattab said that the average price for the fuel as is 29 thousand pounds per ton, the percentage of local importer, the domestic production of the refineries Banias and Homs reached 2.33 million tons and imported 600 thousand tons.



about companies that are selling fuel at the world price, Khattab said there are three companies glass military co. . Badia Cement factory and , Lafarge Cement Company and the average global price of fuel is 30 thousand pounds per ton.



reviewing the numbers and calculating the difference between the domestic price and the world for the fuel, the support given to the fuel is over 55 billion pounds during the past seven months, and this re-putting the problem of subsidies once again in all countries of the developed world are sold derivatives international prices and given support to the final product, whether agricultural or industrial or other, cut the road on the existence of smuggling fuel in Syria, no one can deny the existence of smuggling which is an internal matter and why the existence of two prices for the material 8500 SP. and 30 thousand pounds per ton, it is through monitoring the consumption of the companies that get fuel by international prices shows that one of these companies, for example get much less than they need.



In a related request of the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Industry and limited medium-sizedenterprises that operate on diesel fuel and to determine the quantities that are subject to the subsidized price.

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