Allaw opened Sadad Gas Field Investment Project with Production Capacity of 1 Million m3/d

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sufian Allaw opened  Investment project of Sadad gas field, 60 km southeast of the city of Homs, which currently produces 600, 000 m3 of gas per day from Sadad Well 1,  on Thursday to produce another 400, 000 m3 within a week from Sadad Well 2 to reach a total production of 1 million m3 per day.




The project, which has an estimated amount of producible natural gas reserves of 12 billion m3, aims at investing the gas field and linking it with a gas plant in the south of the Central Region in al-Fruqlus area.

The Syrian Gas Company has completed the engineering study for the installation of the gas station and pipelines to transfer gas from the two wells at Sadad field to the gas treatment plant. The project was carried out in a record time of 7 months.



Allaw  said in a statement to syria-oil  that Sadad gas field investment project will contribute to saving about USD 600, 000 daily which were allocated for buying fuel used for operating electricity generating plants and now will be replaced by locally produced gas.



The Minister pointed out that exploration and production operations were carried out by national companies and with the efforts of the cadres of the Syrian Gas Company and the Syrian Petroleum Company.



He noted that a number of gas fields were discovered in neighboring areas including al-Breij and Deir Atiya fields which will be connected to the neighboring gas plants once the required engineering studies are completed.



Director General of the Syrian Gas Company, Engineer Hussein Wada’a, estimated the nominal capacity of the plant in Sadad gas field at 1.2 million m3 per day.



In the first half of 2011, Syria produced 5,483 billion m3 at a daily rate of 30,29 million m3, making an increase of 3,009 million m3 per day over last year.

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