Iranian First Vice-President met Allaw in Tehran and stressed the importance of enhancing relations with syria especially in Oil and Gas area

First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi In a meeting with visiting  minister of oil and natural resources Sufian Allaw,  stressed the importance of enhancing relations with syria especially in Oil and Gas area

Rahimi and the Syrian oil minister conferred on issues of mutual interests especially cooperation in the field of oil industry as well as regional developments.

He pointed out to the importance of cooperation between Iran ,Syria and Iraq and regional states  in gas field and other areas for the people interests .

The Islamic Republic of Iran wishes success and prosperity for Syria as the two nations are inseparable, he said.



Allaw for his part, expressed satisfaction over implementing projects in gas and oil fields and hoped that transfer of Iran’s gas to Europe via Syria to be accomplished as soon as possible to meet the two nation’s interests.

He called for expansion of all-out relations and cooperation between the two countries mainly in oil and gas sectors.

Managing Director of Pars Energy Free Trade Zone Pirouz Mousavi said on Sunday that a tripartite memorandum of understanding is to be signed on Monday in Assalouyeh, Bushehr province on export of Iranian gas to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Europe.
10-billion-dollar deal on Iran gas export to be signed

Speaking at a press conference in South Parse Gas field in Bushehr, he said that such an important event shows Iran’s key role in supplying the world’s energy needs.

Mousavi said that by signing the 10-bilion-dollar deal, Iran will export parts of the gas produced at South Pars field to Europe through a 5,000-kilometer pipeline runnig through Iraq, Syria Lebanon and Mediterranean Sea.

With the completion of the pipeline within the next five years, the amount of Iranian gas exports to Mediterranean countries and central Europe will increase.

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