116 billion Syrian pounds to support oil derivatives in six months

The value of the support of oil derivatives in the first half of this year reach 116 billion Syrian pounds, mostly for support diesel and fuel.



Eng Abdullah Khattab general manager of Mahroukat Company said that the value of sales of petroleum products during the first half of this year reached to 156 billion Syrian pounds while the value of purchases of internal and external ones reached to 273 billion pounds, which means that the deficit was 116 billion pounds is the support provided to oil derivatives especially diesel and fuel oil and gas because the liter diesel $ 40 pounds and is currently sold at 15 pounds and fuel price world 31 thousand pounds per ton, while it is sold to 8,500 pounds and cylinder gas cost of 600 pounds and sold for 250 pounds



He added This is the amount provided to support the derivatives plus the amounts of other expenses of the Company



And the consumed quantities and the increase in consumption, Khattab said: As for diesel fuel in consumption reached to 3.6 billion liters, with an increase of 10% compared with the same period of the last year, As for the amounts of consumption of fuel has reached of 2.5 million tons which is comparable to the amount of consumption in the last year ..As for the gas the consumption amounts has reached to 36.3 cylinder with an increase of 8% from last year.



He explained that support expected for the second half of the year will be the largest in the light of the growing consumption of fuel oil and reduce its price from 20 pounds to 15 pounds.
And for green diesel, sales, Khattab said: Its consumption significantly increased and is currently sold in 200 stations in all parts of the country and reached the quantities consumed him during the first half of this year to 50 million liters, compared to 16 million liters last year and this reduces the crisis to some extent


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