Intilaaqah Syria of Syria Shell host training course for trainers of entrepreneurship

Intilaaqah Syria of Syria Shell in collaboration with MAC Group ,host training course for trainers of entrepreneurship from 12 to 14th Jul.2011 in Intilaaqah Syria building in Damascus


This course is in the quest of Syria Shell program of Intilaaqah Syria for the development of trained and effective human resources to support the ideology of entrepreneurship among young people in Syria and the implementation of terms of a memorandum of understanding signed between Syria Shell with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs last February


20 trainers Participated in this training course, which lasted 3 days, most of them were training of entrepreneurs Syrians, led by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the General Authority for the operation and development projects, and the Center for Vocational Guidance at the University of Damascus, and many of the programs and institutions that seek to support and developing the skills of young entrepreneurs

The course focused on the requirements for a successful project of the skills and information, and the basics of effective training and dealing with various projects for entrepreneurs to meet their needs and help them to start their projects for small and medium enterprises. It as well as will give a distinguished group of professional trainers from the MAC Group


Eng. Obeid Assalem General manager Director Assistant of General Authority for the operation and development projects awarded the winners at the end of the training course and reviewed their opinions and the participants assured their good benefits in this course which is rich of information, skills and all positive effects on skills developing trainers of entrepreneurship.

Intilaaqah Syria is a social initiative by Shell International – training was provided for free since its launch in 2008 to more than 770 trainees in Damascus, Homs, Hama and Deir ez-Zor, on the establishment and management of projects for small and medium successfully according to the principles and concepts of global governance, economy and aims to encourage young Syrians to enter the world of business and free-create their own projects which enhance the economic infrastructure in Syria



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