Oil Pumping Resumed in Burned Pipeline in Deir Ezzor

Oil pumping resumed on Friday morning in the pipeline linking al-Omar field and al-Taim station in Deir Ezzor province which was set on fire last Tuesday


Saeed Hneidi, Head of the Board of Directors of al-Furat Petroleum Company, said that oil pumping was resumed after required repairs and tests were done to the pipeline.

He added that the Company was during three last weeks implementing maintenance process in the part of the pipeline that was burned in order to isolate the oil leakage and that point was open and observed saying that AFPC started its full investigations to know the fire reasons.

He pointed out that oil production was not affected by the fire and the company has absorptive capacity for a period ranging between 4 to 5 days as well as there is a spare line to transfer oil which was no need to be used assuring the fire with no damage or casualties ,where burned oil quantities as a result of the fire are not exceed 100 barrels due to high qualifications that the crisis managed with it.


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