Ministry of Oil announces tenders for oil shale investment

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced for a global tender to invest in the oil shale in  Khanasser area about 103 km southeast Aleppo of 150 square kilometers was divided to 14 Blocks with geological reserves of 2.3 to 3 billion tons per One 

The total reserves of the ore at the site estimated up to 39 billion tons. The percentage of oil content in the rock 5-11 percent and is located at depths close to the surface as the thickness does not exceed of cover rocks 59 meters in only the top and 23 meters to a minimum


the General Organization for Geological and Mineral Resources Has completed Prospecting preliminary geological studies, which included the drilling of wells, studies and laboratory analysis of chemical and metal to test the thermal energy content and oil content in raw materials


The oil shale is an organic compound included in the composition of most components of the oil and can be the most important alternatives for future energy production and petrochemical industries


The process of producing electric power from it economically feasible as a closed water circuit is working and does not need the additional quantities of water compared with the crude distillation plants



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