Branch of Syrian Company for Oil Transport in Homs: A Study of the possibility of raising the capacity for transporting crude oil

Eng Faisal Habib Branch Manager of Syrian Company for Oil Transport in the city of Homs, said that the branch is currently working on the study of the possibility of raising the capacity for transporting crude oil from 238 to 300 thousand barrels a day through the transmission line from the station Tal Adas to downstream in Tartus, in addition to a number of projects implemented The list and advertised in order to improve the working environment and production


He added that that among the projects probe project pipeline heavy crude oil, which is based on an examination of the entire route of the transportation of oil according to the scanning system smart currents magnetism to illustrate the in and out points of corrosion to the path of the line at every point of it so to estimate the durability of those points to the pressures faced by her line during the operation, where made for its implementation by the announced three Chinese companies and UAE and Cyprus and is currently under study presentations.

He explained that the plan that the company seeks to implement include the project secure a modern communication system to serve the pumping stations of Tel lentils to the city of Homs, through the establishment of a modern communication system advanced fiber-optic between the city of Homs and the Directorate of fields Alrmelan next to the transmission line, the main oil according to the system studied by the German company “Kirchner” a substitute for the old system microprocessor.

He pointed out that this project was announced in two phases, and provides about 12 wide and now is up to the signing of the contract required assets at a cost of about 370 million pounds is expected to direct the implementation of the project during the last quarter of 2011.

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