78 % of respondents voted to “agree to leave without any limitation or condition” … and other views considered controls to ensure the public interest

the number of workers in the petroleum sector Syrian who voted on the questionnaire that has been published on our website Syria Oil on the subject of leave without pay Exceeded the 1000 participants expressed the view transparently and objectively note that these posts may not closely monitor public opinion in the oil arena Syria, but they reflect the opinion of participant questionnaire.



The results of the questionnaire indicated that 78% of participants voted to “agree to leave without any limitation or condition” while the voice of 10% on the “Allow leave after 5 years of service” and the voice of about 6% on the “Allow the granting of licenses the terms of money” and “the need reduction of the leaves. ”

the results of the questionnaire reflect will of the majority of workers in this vital sector to obtain the right of special leave without pay, without limitation or condition as provided for in laws and regulations in force with the presence of different views see the need to develop controls for this issue to ensure the public interest without deprive the worker of his right to leave .

Site management provided the possibility to comment on this topic for an opinion about it and to develop proposals that might contribute to the treatment of the subject form in which the benefit of all.
There have been many constructive suggestions and thoughtful and appropriate that can be used and taken into account.

Allaw said that is human resource development in the ministry through the development plan of annual training in each company or institution is in the framework of a strategic plan at the level of the ministry and is the preparation of training plans in the form of an executive according to standardized formats and the priorities of training needs and depending on the terms and conditions carefully studied and generalized, where determine the details of the training in terms of themes and the number of workers to be trained to be not less than the proportion of in-house training for 15 percent and the proportion of external training to 2 percent of the number of employees, so as not to increase the proportion of management training to 30 percent and the proportion of technical training to 70 percent of the number of trainees.

training room is divided to in-house training of local expertise or the use of external expertise by bringing experts from Arab and foreign parties in cases of contract for the supply of equipment or installation of new work with international companies.

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