Six international companies bought seismic Data of Marine blocks in Syrian territorial waters and other companies interested in obtaining data

Six international companies specialized in offshore drilling bought seismic Data of Marine blocks in Syrian territorial waters the Syrian economic in addition to four other companies have shown their interest in obtaining seismic data of these blocks




General Petroleum Corporation pursues in coordination with the oil company CGG VERITAS support the activities of advertising and marketing of data for the marine announcement. Note that CGG VERITAS is a company contracting with GPC for the implementation of seismic geophysical surveys. And marketing of such data.


Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and GPC announced in March, launch of an international tender for the work of prospecting, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources in some areas of territorial sea and exclusive economic waters of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Mediterranean.


The announcement includes a presentation of three marine areas (Block I – Block II, Block III) with an approximate area of about 3000 km 2 for one block and starts from the date of announcement 24.03.2011 for a period of about six months were identified as the closing date as of 05/10/2011.


The modern American studies recently confirmed the discovery of gas and oil treasure in a huge basin of the Mediterranean estimated reserves to 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 107 billion barrels of oil.




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