ِAllaw : the companies operating in the oil sector contributed to the development of the province of Deir Ezzor through the support of some service projects

Eng Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources stressed the importance of educational institutions, specialized oil industry in the province of Deir Ezzor in the intellectual sector competencies qualified scientific and the need to develop the work in the field of mineral wealth and oil extraction and the establishment of plant fertilizer nitrogen to secure jobs for the people of the province.



The Minister during his meeting with the concerned oil sector in the province said that 4 new oil high schools Vocational to be opened in the month of September next in Deir Ezzor and Aljbseh and Rmelan and Banias will be allocated 30 percent of the seats in those high schools for the children of workers in the oil sector.


It also will raise the rate of admission to the Technical Institute for the oil and gas in Deir Ezzor to 120 students.


The minister pointed to the importance of the contribution of companies operating in the oil sector in the development of the province by contributing to the implementation of some service projects, pointing out to study the renewal of sewerage systems in public hospitals in the province and contribute to 50 percent in setting up a station for sewage treatment in the city of fields cost of 600 million pounds and the establishment of a laboratory for processing solid waste at a cost of 900 million pounds.


For his part, Hussein Al Arnous Governor of Deir Ezzor indicated to the importance of assessing the environmental impact resulting from the extraction of oil in the province and to maintain the integrity of the environment and stay at the maximum level of pollution allowed globally and planting areas surrounding the oilfields in addition to increasing the contribution of companies operating in oil projects to improve infrastructure infrastructure in the province.



Proposals in the meeting also focused on the indispensability of increased marketing of salt from the mines in the province and raise the amount of diesel fuel for the interest of maintaining and reduce the price of gas cylinder empty.

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