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Allao attended Arab Ministers meeting of the Gas Pipeline in Cairo

Arab oil Ministers Began their Meeting of the gas pipeline in the Egyptian capital Cairo with participation of Eng.Sufian Allao Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources to discuss the future stages of the Arab Gas pipeline which is one of the most important strategic projects and Arab economic cooperation to enhance joint Arab.


During the meeting, ministers agreed to begin to develop procedures for extending the line linking the Arab and European network of gas after completing the implementation of four phases of the project, which extends from Egypt to Jordan then Syria, and is being implemented gas transportation networks of Syrian territory to Turkey within the framework of the first Arab regional network of associated gas grid European.
Allao said that Egyptian gas to the cities reaches now to the Syrian city of Homs are currently completing the implementation of the line to the Turkish border and to review the script and the pressures of work to raise the efficiency of those pressures and to ensure the timely arrival of gas in the quantities contracted, pointing out that he is now being implemented procedures Revive the oil pipeline in Kirkuk to Banias transfer and export of Iraqi oil through Syrian territory to the Mediterranean and the negotiation of a study linking gas fields in western Iraq hung on the Arab gas.
For his part, Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Sameh Fahmi said that the Arab Gas Pipeline is the real start of the first Arab gas network after the implementation of its various phases in accordance with the timing and time slots which led to the continuation of the States participating in the development of this line and work on linking the European network of gas with the possibility of benefiting from other sources Gas pumping across the line to increase the economic returns of the participating States with the provision of secure and stable sources of gas in the founding States, especially after Iraq’s accession to the Arab line where the line can operate networks in a mutually productive gas between States which linked.
He pointed out that the meeting dealt with research stages of the Arab Gas Pipeline, which have been implemented, which ran from Arish to the Syrian city of Homs length of more than a thousand kilometers and investments increased from 800 $ million in addition to the action plan following phases of the line, which is currently being studied for the European network linking the line to contribute to the diversification Sources in the energy and attitude for the arrival of Executive Egyptian gas to Lebanon via Syria and provide Lebanon of its requirements of gas.
For his part, Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water Eng. Alan Taburian said that under Egyptian support for the Lebanese people being prepared to provide the needs of Lebanon’s energy, whether electricity or gas through the Egyptian side and would be the arrival of Egyptian gas to Lebanon before the end of this year.
It is worth noting that the Arab Gas Pipeline is one of the Arab projects and the giant task as links between Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and contribute to the transfer and marketing of gas from these countries and across Europe to Turkey and a full length of Arish in Egypt via Jordan and Syria to the Turkish border and extends 1200 km in Syria Limits of 600 km with subsidiary to Lebanon.


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