Mahroukat : about 50 billion pounds to support the value of the prices of oil products and petroleum in the first quarter of 2011

The Syrian Company for the storage and distribution of petroleum products Mahroukat stressed that the value of supporting the domestic prices of petroleum products and petroleum to meet the needs of the local market of petroleum products during the first quarter of this year reached 49.068 billion Syrian pounds.



Eng. Abdullah Khattab , General Manager of Mahroukat said in a statement to “Syria-Oil” that the value of support / deficit fuel / came from the difference between the value of total sales for the company fuel during the first quarter, which amounted to 84.114 billion Syrian pounds and the value of total purchases, which amounted to 133.479 billion Syrian pounds including 45.837 billion Syrian pounds foreign purchases.

Khattab pointed out that the derivatives that are supporting prices are diesel and fuel oil and cooking gas, asphalt and the value of support of up to 200 billion Syrian pounds until the end of this year, if continued high world prices for crude oil, which in turn is reflected on the prices of derivatives.

Syria is produced from crude oil during the first quarter of 2011 amounted to 34.828 million barrels a rate of 387 thousand barrels per day refinery is about 200 thousand barrels per day from refineries at Homs and Banias, while the rest is exported as crude oil.

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