Sale of Iranian oil in Syrian pounds … Arbash: symbolic and moral support to our national currency

Media sources picked up on news that Iran decided to sell its oil source in Syrian pounds, in a move designed to support the national currency Syrian much talk during the past few weeks as affected by the recent events in the country.


In a statement to “alwatan “ newspaper the economic analyst, Dr. Ziad Arbash said this procedure of Iranian support is moral and symbolic reference to Iran to stand by Syria, rather than economically.

Arbash added that the Syrian pound has proved it is strong despite recent events, which affected the country during the past several weeks.

On the direct effects of this step Arbash confirmed that it would strengthen the presence of Syrian Pound in neighboring markets and increase trade exchange between the two countries more than usual and also will promote the exchange rate of our currency against the dollar was down slightly.

Arbash stressed that no connection between the Iranian decision and the quantities of oil that the country is exported as the resolution, including specific amounts of Iranian oil.

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