Khattab : We import diesel fuel by 45 SP. sell 20 SP and smuggling is continuing to the neighboring countries, especially Lebanon

Abdullah Khattab general Manager of Mahroukat said that the smuggling of diesel fuel to neighboring countries, especially Lebanon is currently in full swing and in large quantities and the increase of smuggling that they do not exceed 7-8% during the first two months this year increased during the month of March, and now to 17-18% .



He said that the rise in global oil prices contributed to the aggravation of the phenomenon of smuggling because the fuel oil also rose globally and we import part of the fuel oil at 45’s. O liter, while being sold with 20 SP. So there is a big difference is clear between the sale price in our country and that taken in the neighboring countries of Lebanon is sold in liter to 48 SP. In Jordan 37-38 SP. and In Turkey, 95 SP.

Khattab explained that the problem lies in the stations in the border areas that exploit these prices to smuggle the material that we have directed our branches in the countryside of Damascus, Homs and Tartous to follow combat this phenomenon and reduce it as much as possible.

For to supply fuel stations demands of fuel oil, although there was a shortage so as mentioned some of the owners of these stations Khattab confirmed that all allocations stations go to them without a decrease in any share under any circumstances and there is an increase or decrease is through the Commission on all fuels, the province that have been following allocation for each station to maintain where it was decided the increase in the quantity or decrease depending on the region and the state of the weather.

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