Allaw : To meet the needs of citizens of oil derivatives and prompt treatment for all the difficulties and provide better services to consumers

Eng Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources stressed the importance of cooperation with citizens and to meet all their needs and the constant search for ways that contribute to the development of work and to facilitate procedures and immediate dealing with problems and address them without delay.



Allaw pointed out during his tour of the warehouse of Mahroukat company and the unity of gas filling and General Establishment of Geology in Adra, accompanied by Mr. Abdullah Khattab general manager of Mahroukat the need for constant communication with citizens and price control and facilitate the process of securing materials, fuel and provide better services and to take safety measures and protection for professional employees.


The Minister indicated to the importance of the computerize oil services company and secure Mahroukat supplies test gas cylinders according to precise specifications and the search for qualified companies to provide new and appropriate valves to replace damaged estimated at about 600 to 700 thousand cylinders annually.


Samir Hussein, director of the southern region of the company said that all applications registered has been implemented in the company’s branches in Damascus and its countryside and Quenitra, and a shield for diesel fuel as they hit the daily requests to 250 requests the quantity of each, including 21 thousand liters was also to meet all requests for benzene in the amount of 150 applications per day In addition to the availability of energy storage warehouses are good and there is no delay to any request for all the centers.





Ibrahim Jumaa Branch Manager Damascus and its countryside of the unity of the gas said that the daily production of the cylinders 50 cylinders and increases production increased consumption and all applications are existed and is fast and easy stressing that it will sell gas cylinders are empty of citizens soon as received the company fuel about 75 thousand new cylinder to meet the needs of consumers after the necessary tests on them.




The Chairman of the Association of tanks and tank drivers and gas distribution agents many of the proposals about the difficulties they face during the transfer and distribution of petroleum products and has had to respond to all proposals that lead to the provision of quality service to citizens.

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