Dr. Eng. Hassan Zahrawi General Manager of scientificand technical advice studies

Syrian Heavy Oil Properties

In spite of existing huge quantities of oil extract in Syrian Republic ,Syria is forced to export many kinds of oil materials due to lack of information about Syrian oil Properties especially Heavy derivatives in one hand and difficulties of treating oils based on mineral oils Oil Business.

Generally speaking Syrian oil contains large quantities of Resin and Asphalt components which are in Heavy oil derivatives , so that main oils aren’t produced in Syria up till up till now and at present producing mineral oils from Syrian oil is one of the most future oil projects due of its great importance to
Develop the national economy fulfilling the needs of the diameter of the imported material.
Dr. Hassan Zahrawi studied the selective method of extraction mineral oils of Syrian oil by solvent (Dimefuma Amin )


Laboratories in the University polo technique the winner of the Lenin Award in the city of Fov in 1985 and PHD in Information Technology.


This method proved access to the properties of oils based on a sticky so new that the possibility of producing mineral oils of the Syrian oil to get the key data to create a plant to extract oil selective mineral oils derived from Syrian oil
For the first time to date has examined the contents of mineral oil to the fields of Krachuk and Swedia as that using of the method of phase three to phase balance the middle were given the possibility of identifying a selection of vehicles drop of multiple forms and used the chromatographic method and quantitative analysis and qualitative and fission of organic compounds under the influence of magnetic Select the quantity and quality of organic compounds that are oil basis refenat afterlife and organic compounds that are succulents extraxt


This method based on the chemical physicist and the impact of currents and magnetic ability in the establishment molecules of chemical and shown on the electronic screen, although scientific value of this enormous work to renew the chemical composition of fuel and mineral oils and the percentage in the Syrian oil using the method of electronic programming to determine the best conditions selective and then search method purification selective to mineral oils with organic compounds multiple quality mutually selective solvent (Dimitev Formati) This work is a simple overview of the foundations and data process to build the new integrated oil and gas , note that the study of Dr. Hassan Zahrawi had included all the details of scientific and technological and detailed findings on the establishment of a refinery integrated methods fuel oil and this Maidor currently discussing in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources with foreign companies, Chinese, Russian and Venezuelan and others to establish an integrated refinery in Deir al-Zour and developed in Homs.


Personal Information:

Date and place of birth: Damascus 24/10/1954
Marital status: Married
Current work:
– Director of consulting firm scientific and technical
– Director of the company Zahrawi Travel & Tourism
– Under Ukrainian gas company UKR
Nationality: Syrian


1. Lvov University of Science Technology – Faculty of Engineering Petrochemical / Ukraine \ 1981 – 1985
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Title ((selective extraction of mineral oils from the Syrian heavy oil))
Rating: Excellent
2. Lvov University of Science Technology – Faculty of Engineering Petrochemical / Ukraine 1980-1981
Master of Science in Technical
Title ((Syrian heavy oil distillation using a vacuum chemical))
Grade: Very Good
3. Lvov University of Science Technology – Faculty of Engineering Petrochemical / Ukraine 1975 – 1981
Diploma Petroleum Engineering competence: technology oil and gas
Grade: Very Good

Scientific research:

o geochemical studies of organic matter and chromatographic analysis of oil.
o The development of geochemical studies of the derivatives and light as evidence of the reservoir and generating layers and forms of migration
o determine the migration paths of oil to track impact of chemical elements.
o removal of water from oil samples using centrifugal force and’d emulsifying
o the study on the roots of citrus oils used
o study of the geochemical Alsenozoik Periods in Syria
o geochemical study of the Sphinx in the field and determine the Aljbsp aquifers and generated and migration routes


1. PhD in Technical Sciences – University of Lvov Ukraine for Science Technology, 1985.
2. Master of Technology in oil and gas – the University of Lvov, Ukraine for Science Technology, 1981.
3. Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering – University of Lvov Ukraine for Science Technology, 1980.
4. Jiokimaiip Diploma Studies – University of the Studies Gopkina oil and gas and chemical – Moscow 1988

Professional experience:

1. The agent Uker Gas oil 2010 until now
2. General Manager of the company Zahrawi Travel & Tourism 1995 – until now
The company operates in the area of domestic tourism and foreign
3. Director of scientific and technical Alaa_i_arat 1990 – until now
The company works in the field of oil and gas and engineering studies
4. Dr. teacher at Damascus University – Faculty of Science – Department of Chemistry, 1986 – 1989
5. Head of Geochemistry in the Syrian Oil Company and supervisor of the group of experts Soviets 1985 – 1994


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