Powered by Total E&P Syrie .. Program (move) gave a workshop on the development of volunteerism culture in Deir Ezzor

Move program set up workshop on the development of volunteerism culture in Deir Ezzor organized by BASMA to support children with cancer and International family for community serve with the support of Total E & P Syrie and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Deir Ezzor.


The participants focused in the workshop which was held in the Armenian Church in Deir Ezzor on 30 March, and lasted for three days on the importance of promoting and spreading the culture of volunteerism in the community and coordination among the work of NGOs in the province to carry out projects that serve the community and raise human development indicators in it.



The participants also stressed the importance of the contribution of economic activities in supporting of various projects undertaken by associations and NGOs and a number of activities involving the largest number of young people to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism have as well as the creation of paths for young people that enable them to achieve their interests and community service at the same time.



The trainer Fadi Abdel Nur of the (International Family of Community Service) said that the workshop comes within the program (move) which aims to introduce a culture of volunteerism and strengthening the community through the concerned authorities of the NGOs, and others pointing out that the workshop included five intense sessions over the 15 hours of training worked to provide a number of themes such as the definition of volunteer’s role and how to make a change, communication skills, team building, goal setting, implementation and communication with others, cooperation and coordination between the preferences and needs of the people to get out the results reflected on individuals and society.



For his part, Feras Feras coordinator of the workshop of Basma Association said that the participants in the workshop, representing most of the events that have a priority for the volunteer work and have an impact on this such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Deir Ezzor and Red Crescent branches and the Family Planning Association and the International Junior Chamber and Society of Young Entrepreneurs and Bedaia and Armenian fraternal in the province and all those parties made initiatives in the field of volunteerism and community service .. workshop comes to refine tests for each of these entities and their coordination through interactive sessions and the participants divided into various groups to come out at the end of the workshop projects related to community development.



In turn, ” Mazen Knamh Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Deir Ezzor said the culture of volunteerism in the province is still modest and it need to be enhanced, particularly as the community need to support in rural areas in particular pointing out that the chamber provides the necessary support to civil society institutions in the province that are turn to the implementation of projects that contribute to the development of society.



At the end of the workshop participants presented action plans for projects related to literacy and to maintain hygiene and training and qualifying graduates to keep pace with market requirements and motivation to read and disseminate the legal culture.



In addition to its Exploration and production activities TOTAL E&P SYRIE supports a number of Sustainable Development projects in Health, Environment, Education, cultural heritage and Local Economic Development especially in Deir Ez Zor area, in cooperation with the local entities and international organizations working in Syria.



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