New stations for sell high-octane gasoline .. 175 million liters of regular gasoline sales during the month of February

Eng. Abdullah Khattab Director General of Syrian Company for the storage and distribution of petroleum / Mahroukat / said that benzene octane 95 is available in a number of petrol stations affiliated of Mahroukat in the governorates of Damascus, Aleppo and Homs, Tartous and Lattakia, at 50 Syrian pounds per liter.


He added that the sale of this substance came after the approval of the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the Economic Commission to import gasoline octane 95 and in accordance with the specification of the European and at 50 Syrian pounds to the consumer, after the Ministry received oil several requests from owners of modern cars, which recommends that processors using gasoline high octane.

وأشار خطاب الى ان البنزين عالي الأوكتان يباع الآن في محطات المزة قرب المركز الثقافي والأمويين قرب وزارة التعليم العالي ودمر على طريق قدسيا اضافة الى محطات محروقات في مدينة طرطوس و الزبدية في حلب والشعلة في مدخل مدينة حمص والشاطئ في اللاذقية لافتا الى أن الشركة تعتزم بيع هذه المادة في محطة مطار دمشق الدولي قريبا.
He pointed out that gasoline high octane is now sold in stations Mezze near the Cultural Center and Umayyads near the Ministry of Higher Education and Palmyra on the Qudsaya road in addition to the Mahroukat stations in the city of Tartus and al-Zibdya in Aleppo and al-shoulla at the entrance to the city of Homs and al-shaate in Lattakia, pointing out that the company plans to sell this material in station in Damascus International Airport soon.

on the consumption of gasoline, he said that the sales of ordinary benzene reached during the month of February 175 million liters, up 7 percent from sales in February 2010 while sales of the substance in January of this year, 186 million liters, up 11 percent from the same month last year.

He pointed out that the concept of high-octane is the number that measures the ability of gasoline to combat the phenomenon of roads resulting from the combustion of early fuel in the engine and this is linked to technical matters Ksrap damage the engine and combustion for pointing out this type of gasoline is only for modern cars, which recommends that manufacturers use them while other cars don’t, which does not have a recommendation from its use of the features of this type of gasoline.

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